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Tiles to bring your home to life

Monday October 23, 2023

Explore our incredible range of tiles for your home and outdoor space, with something for all aesthetics and budgets.

We are an established leading tile supplier, helping to bring visions of beautiful homes, walls and floors to life. Our showroom in St Austell is home to a fabulous range of tiles as well as adhesives, tools and everything you could possibly need for the installation of a wet room. If you are thinking about updating your interior, why not explore a few of the ranges we stock for some inspiration?

Porcelanosa Tiles

We are proud to stock tiles from Porcelanosa, the leading manufacturer in the ceramic wall and floor tile sector, specialising in single-fired porous, stoneware and porcelain wall and floor tiles in an extensive array of formats and finishes. These products stand out for their high-tech properties, innovative design and unbeatable quality in aspects from concrete and metallic to monochrome and paper effect. Available in a wide range of designs, finishes, formats and shades, ceramic tiles are perfect for modern and stylish walls and floors. In addition to their high strength and durability, they can be integrated into projects involving interiors, exteriors, commercial and residential spaces, as well as high-traffic areas.

The countless types of tiles offer you the opportunity to express your personality in your own space while creating a sense of continuity and uniformity. They allow different rooms to merge into a single space while combining with other materials, surfaces, colours and patterns for an eye-catching look. In terms of efficiency and strength these tiles are perfect; not only do they have a low environmental impact and require inexpensive maintenance but they have a high degree of resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents. The tile material is manufactured via increasingly cleaner production methods making them reusable and easily degradable. Relax in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, encompassed by sleek and cohesive surroundings. From Spanish-inspired mosaics to clean, calming marble, the range from Porcelanosa has something for everyone.

Porcelanosa Tiles by Tileworld Cornwall

Original Style Living Range

Why not have a look at our Original Style Living Range too? In contrast to the Porcelanosa range, these tiles will infuse your home with beautiful tropical colours and motifs. Murals are wall-to-wall wonders, displaying striking oases with leafy greens, pops of vibrant colour and distant mountains as well as English garden scenes, where the tiles are home to grassy meadows, serene swan-topped lakes and flitting hummingbirds. Alternatively, repeat tiles are available to buy if you are after a simple section of a mural as opposed to the whole scene, like a wall of delicate summer flowers for a pretty yet subtle approach. Similarly, own a selection of patchwork botanical tiles in pink, bluey grey, or green pastels infused with a pop of palm for a more discreet forest feel.

The juxtaposing Nova Scotia collection offers a distinct yet liveable feel with its checked detailing, reminiscent of iconic textiles and prints used in interiors over the decades. Wildflower tiles bring the fleeting beauty of summer hedgerows and untamed countryside wildflowers into your home while the Eden collection details a delicate bouquet of ferns, trailing fronds and palm leaves. For a comforting state of calm, explore the botanical bliss, flourishing stems and supple neutral tones of Canopy tiles, escape to the country with the trailing florals of the Arbour collection, or relax in serenity surrounded by translucent layers of foliage with the beautiful Meadow tiles. Take a trip to Miami with effortlessly cool, art deco geometry tiles, or free your spirit with three folk-art-inspired patterns in the bohemia collection. There truly is something for everyone with small delicate prints and an urban edge, stunning grandeur in the Palazzo tiles, or classical patterns emblazoned on the Opera tiles. Pop into our store to choose from captivating murals on extra-large formats to pared-back patterns, bold designs and unique prints as well as coordinating plain options all designed for modern life.

Original Style Tiles by Tileworld Cornwall

The Cornwall Range

In case you want to explore another aesthetic for your home, we also stock the ‘Cornwall’ tile range for a distinctly different space. This stunning range offers a beautiful slate effect that is perfect for a high-end, chic interior design scheme featuring highly decorative wall tiles. The tiles are rich with veining and slate detail but without the price or maintenance of the real thing. The Cornwall Pearl White Tile gives you the perfect calming interior, guaranteed to relax the homeowner with its stone effect, an ode to the iconic Cornish landscape it was inspired by. The Cornwall Ocean Blue tile is reminiscent of the sea in motion, with its spectrum of blues giving the illusion of waves, capturing the coast on a beautiful, bright day. Alternatively, the Cornwall Ash Grey Brick truly takes on the form of real slate, with its stunning intricacies glinting golden veining and swirling and intertwined granite colours becoming more and more evident the closer you look. You truly do see the Cornish influence in this range of ocean-blue, ash-grey and sea-green tiles that transport you to a place of stillness and serenity.

If your indoor or outdoor space could do with a revamp from these ranges, or you fancy taking a look at what else we have to offer, why not pay a visit to our showroom in St Austell? We would be delighted to chat with you and take you through our extensive collection of beautiful tiles.


The Flair Cornwall Range by Tileworld Cornwall
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