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Victorian tile inspiration for 2023

Monday April 24, 2023


The humble Victorian tile has seen a resurgence in recent years. Architects, home improvers and interior designers alike are all opting for a deep dive into gothic revival. Victorian tiles can be traced back to the Middle Ages. This era was full of patterned flooring that accompanied the architecture of pointed arches and steep-sloping roofs. Here at Tile World, we fully embrace the Victorian tile, and have pulled together a list of how you can get ‘the look’, whilst remaining contemporary and on trend.

Patterned Flooring

If you are looking to redesign your kitchen, then starting with the floor seems like the most sensible option. By embracing the Victorian tile underfoot, you can create a striking pattern that catches your eye from the first step. Our Picasso Patterned Glazed Ceramic Tile is a great example of this. As is our Madrian Floor Tile selection. By keeping your walls simple, this tile gives a monochromatic, contemporary Victorian tile twist on a classic design.

Picasso Patterned Tile by Tileworld

Wall Tiles

Our Victorian forebears are well known for popularising wall tiles, as can be seen famously on the London Underground. In the home, entryways and kitchens fell prey to this movement. Using a Victorian tile on your kitchen walls will undoubtedly brighten up any home. This creates a compelling interior space that’s akin to that of the middle-ages, but with a 21st century flourish. Our Gaudi Patterned Glazed Ceramic Tile brings floral, Victorian and chic into one.

Gaudi Patterned Tile by Tileworld

Victorian Patterns

Victorian tiles as seen in modern homes now consist of the common black and white tiles. Usually laid outside on pathways, inside in hallways, and in the kitchen, this design has been adjusted over the years to include more elaborate styles. Nowadays they incorporate a plethora of pastel, muted and dulled down tones. These tiles can be affixed to the floor or the walls to establish a look reminiscent of those Victorian times. Check out our Vincent Floor and Wall Tile collection for some great examples!

Galloway Beige Tile by Tileworld


Parquet Floor

Parquet-style flooring instantly draws attention. The intricate process required to lay such flooring is not one for the faint of heart. Designers and homeowners have previously used wood, tiles or stone to achieve this look. Instead of a Victorian tile, they traditionally used dark woods, like mahogany, rosewood and walnut. This approach can often prove far too expensive. Here at Tile World, we have our Galloway Beige Glazed Porcelain tile, with a wood effect finish, a more durable, versatile and affordable option.

Montblanc Emerald Tile by Tileworld


In a Victorian home it would not be out of place to find an assortment of regal colours adorning every room, from deep royal blues to rich crimson reds, which are all symbolic of this era. This infused not just the walls or the floors, but the fabrics too. Sofa cushions, curtains and rugs emblazoned with intricate patterns of greens, blues and reds of all shades, were commonplace. Carnival Jade, Montblanc Emerald, Montblanc Blue, Habana Burgundy, and Habana Green are all tiles we supply that would look right at home on any kitchen wall. Paired with a toned back, single colour floor tile, and you have ‘got the look’!

Here at Tile World, we understand the desire to reinvent your home. Especially your kitchen. The kitchen is a place of connection, creativity and community. It’s a place to gather friends and family to enjoy home-cooked meals, to share wine and break bread. It’s a room that we spend so much time in, so why not make it a room you enjoy being in? By embracing the Victorian tile style, you’ll be transported back to a time full of colour, regality and elegance, intertwined with modernity. Why not start your journey today, and get in touch with our team for our expert advice.
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